COVID-19 Letter

Dear colleagues,

In ongoing fight against Covid-19 epidemy and to secure our clients currently in treatment, we are offering Covid-19 on site testing as well as at home/office/facility for your convenience. We offer FDA Approved instant rapid as well as PCR nasal swab tests, antigen instant testing.

  • Rapid Nasal Swab you will get the results in 10 minutes this test has an accuracy of 89 percent.
  • NT-PCR- This is a lab test also nose swab. You will get the results in 24 to 48 hours. This test has an accuracy of 100 percent. This is the test required to take if you are planning to travel.
  • Blood Antigen test taken by pricking the finger. This is a test that shows if you have had Covid-19 and have antibodies to the virus.

The pricing is as follows :

PCR Tests – $100

Rapid Test – $100

Home Test $150

For a large group test at home or destination of your choice, we will give fair lower pricing depending on how many people will be tested at once.

For all tests we will need Identification with picture or social security number if you do not have a picture ID.

Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, we will help you sign a special form to get tested.

You will be given an invoice for the insurance fee paid for the testing and you can show your insurance company the invoice and get refunded for the fee you paid.

Get in touch today to learn more..