Am I Addicted? Drug Abuse Self-Assessment Test

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Am I Addicted? Drug Abuse Self-Assessment Test

Figuring out if your substance use has turned into an addiction can be tricky. When a doctor wants to see if someone is addicted, they use the criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), which is a guidebook for mental health issues.

The questions in this self-test about drug addiction use the DSM-5 criteria to help you decide if you need support in overcoming addiction.

1. Which one of the following substances have you ever used in your lifetime?

2. In the past 3 months, how often have you used each of the substances you mentioned [first drug, second drug, etc.]?

3. Have you ever tried and failed to control, cut down, or stop using [first drug, second drug, etc.]?

4. Has a friend or relative or anyone else ever expressed concern about your use of [first drug, second drug, etc.]?

5. How often have you failed to do what was normally expected of you because of your use of [first drug, second drug, etc.]?

6. How often has your use of [first drug, second drug, etc.] led to health, social, legal, or financial problems?

7. How often have you had a strong desire or urge to use?

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